Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tuesday, June 29th Race Results

Tuesday, June 29th Race Results
Chief Referee - Peter Bohl
Promoters - Barrett Ausman & Steve Jones

It was an excellent night of racing for our first installment of the summer series of racing on Tuesday nights! Thanks to Larry Nolan for putting together such a great format for us to copy and run racing. Thanks also to SJ Fixed and the rest of the crowds that showed to watch the racers throwing down at the track.

On with the results....

"C" 25 lap Scratch Race (11 starters)
1.Stefan Eberle (RSC Guenzburg)
2.Nick Rasmussen
3.Maceij Mackowiak
4.Travis Alongi (Team Roaring Mouse)
5.Matt Divita
6.Evan Nessim

"B" 25 lap Scratch Race (17 starters)
1.Garrett Peck (Davis)
2.Erick Pierce (Los Gatos)
3.Marc Marino
4.Zeke Mostov (SJBC)
5.Hanan Aleves-Hyde (Peanut Butter & Co)
6.Eric Balfus (Bell Lap Racing)
7.Tim Tsuruda
8.Joakim Ninbere (Kovarus/ABTA)
9.Matthew Valencia (Team Specialized)

"Womens" 25 lap Scratch Race (5 starters)
1.Tina Huang (Metromint)
2.Keila Classen
3.Lisa Hern
4.Evan Evans
5.Angel Llewellyn

"C" 40 lap Points Race (11 starters)
1.Stefan Eberle-38 points (RSC Guenzburg)
2.Nick Ramussen-23 points
3.Travis Alongi-13 points
4.Erik Needham-10 points
5.Matt Divita – 4 points

Also: Mark Robancho, Jared Medola, Maceij Mackowiak, Kevin Bukkake, Evan Nessim

"B" 40 lap Points Race (17 starters)
1.Eric Pierce-44 points (Los Gatos)
2.Kelly Silberberg-12 points (Morgan Stanley)
3.Bernhard Stonas-11 points (BBC)
4.Garrett Peck-10 points (Davis)
5.Tim Tsuruda-5 points
6.Mateo Ortega- 4 points (Team Roaring Mouse)
7.Marc Marino-4 points
8.Matthew Valencia-2 points (Team Specialized)

Also: Hanan Alves Hyde, Eric Balfus, Thyna Mao, Zeke Mostov, Mark Prado, Joakim Nimbere, Nole Studley, Chris Mallo

"Womens" 20 lap Points Race (5 starters)
1.Tina Huang-20 points (Metromint)
2.Keila Classen- 11 points
3.Lisa Hera- 9 points
4.Evan Evans- 4 points
5.Angel Llewellyn-0 points